Friday, February 29, 2008


all of a sudden, knowing about too many things wasn't as well as i expected. it brought some unexpected hurt.

it shldn't be hurting, yet it aches and feels like it's falling into pieces.

i hate this man.



the fear of being alone. damn. almost all my frenz in pjc are running of to army man. meaning i'll 1 grp less of frenz to hang out with. crap.

good frenz old frenz best frenz nice frenz lousy frenz spoilt frenz crazy frenz not-so-fren frenz frenz that simply dun really care abt you frenz that really do frenz that love u around frenz that treat ur existence like nothing frenz that understand frenz that don't frenz that thinks your insignificant frenz that are weird frenz that are around when u need them frenz that simply disappear when u need them and many more frenz.

friends are friends no matter how they look sound taste feel smell like, cherish them, do not treat them like their your servants or your underlings, simply treat them good eventually all the things above will simply just become friends. simple and nice. friends.

I'm getting old and sentimental.


this sucks.

read my blog yeah....


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


work is a extremely irritating thing that everyone wants to get rid off but cannot do without. i hate work. but i need the money. this sucks.

working also means missing out on alot of stuff. time with friends, family, loved ones, my bed, my com, my games and most impt of all, my soccer.

sucks, it simply sucks.

but i need the cash man, not cause i'm gonna spend it on something impt, but simply cause i wanna feel my acc up to at least 5000 by the end of this yr, and this period is the best time to do it. missing out on a lot of things seriously.


lol. i guess that's all. won't be online much, anything txt or call me, i'm always available.

MUST keep me in the thick of things, i don't like being ignorant simply cos i was working. sianzzzz.

wish i had more brainpower.