Wednesday, April 30, 2008


woots. haven't been blogging for damn long, nowadays just to busy to blog properly. lol. i'm here today since i have some time before the manu barca match and i ran out of things to do. lol!

hmmm, school's been a bitch, i'm starting to backlog work, and i've got training and soccer. can't keep up! lol! but it's been fun, real fun. checked out quite a few new cca's: canoe, outward bounders, cycling?, and finally started to have some discipline and get my stuff done properly. though i just skipped lessons today. -.- anyway, soccer season is almost over. so i guess that's one thing of my mind.

i shall focus entirely on my cca and studies the coming months. no soccer to distract me, so i guess it'll be alright. scared to death about training tomorrow, heard they're going to step up the intensity, hopefully i'll survive. no no no. i WILL survive training, i need a proper cca. one that i can be proud of.

1 month. that's the limit i give myself to see whether i'm cut out for such stuff. fingers crossed.

liverpool chelsea tomorrow night!

2-0 liverpool. my prediction.