Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Manchester United

fine. we lost. you win. stop rubbing it in, we know we screwed up badly. is there need to keep on going on and on about how you guys beat liverpool 3-0, so wad if it's 3-0, it's still just a win. god damn it. one day i'm gonna freaking lose it and punch some idiot in the face over a stupid match overseas. one that we cannot control. which reminds me, THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT WHAT LIVERPOOL DOES RIGHT?!?!?! WTF YOU ASKING ME FOR? GET A FREAKING BRAIN YOU FUCKING RETARD!

just a little pissed about losing, sorry.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


this weekend's soccer has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. lol. all big 4 teams are now outta FA cup with the only premier league side left being Portsmouth? omg wad a season, and u consider that the league cup is being won by Totterham, meaning that all big 4 teams have missed out on this 2 cups man, and wad else all 4 qualify for Champions League quarter final. wooo! yes! that means Liverpool too! lol.

and so with a 1-0 win over Inter Milan last night meant with a aggregate of 3-0 we went through. to join the other 3 english team and Barca, Schlke, AS Roma, Fernabahce in the top 8! wooo!

one hell of a mad ride, and Liverpool makes it 7 consecutive wins! will the run ever end? i guess not. :D

Sunday, March 9, 2008


simply majestic, liverpool's performance. tonite was against newcastle. 3-0! woooooo.

good. now i can go collect my pay in a happy state of mine, can't wait to start spending! woooo!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


the place where it all started, and where it ends. the journey known as a-lvl's and pioneer junior college. it's over, all over. a-lvl results are out, time has pass. there is nothing we can do to change it.

being in that hall watching people weep in sorrow or whoop in victory has left a stinging taste in my mouth. how i wished i was one of them, whether weeping or whooping, it would have been nice being one of them.

but it is all past and memories, wonderful, sweet, and short. that short 1 year in pj definitely brought out something in me, something i cannot describe.

goodbye, goodbye jc life. that clinging emotions in me to the place has finally left. with the last of my friends leaving, it is finally over.

and a new chapter begins...


Thursday, March 6, 2008


wow. i'm blogging again. holy crap. means i'm emo-ing. lol!

i need to go for more outings. this sucks totally.


woah. haven't blogged in a long long while. lol, but actually i last blogged juz a couple of days back. which is considered frequent by my low standards. even gahyong blogs more den me i think. lol.

wooo! i've hit 78 KG! wahahaha! thinking of hitting 80 den slimming down, but i'm starting to lose weight alr, lol..

went hiking at bukit timah hill today, which was pretty wet and adventurous. lol. fun sial. especially this particular path of the main road that ends up in a steep climb up the rocks. damn fun sial.

haha. din finish climbing it thought. the stones were too mossy and slippery. went back and took the main road. when we reached the summit, IT happeded. RAIN! tons of it. lol. and it left a misty look to the whole place. we tot it wasn't much until we climbed down the hill n looked at it from far. damn nice!


liverpool later. keep me awake!